Services and Fees

Fine detailed air brush emulation and image processing, 3D solid modeling, photo merging with line and traditional look imagery, and specializing in see through effects and multi layering.

The computer has added a whole new dimension and meaning to creativity and impact. Images that are difficult if not impossible to create by traditional mediums are often done efficiently with computers. This is an area of much promise and potential in the future of artistic and technical communications. Here is offered a new power of expression that may be combined with traditional mediums or imagery to deliver a completely new effect. There is considerably more control over the medium and any necessary modifications to an image. Typically, images created in the Hi-Tech Illustration studio are delivered on most popular data mediums such as CDs or DVDs. Every effort will be made to deliver imagery on mediums and in formats preferred by the client. Unless otherwise specified, all imagery is composed in RGB color space. While color matching technology is now at a highly evolved state, exact color matching for a particular product surface and/or texture may be subject to conditions beyond the artist's control. Factors such as the client’s printing source and technician skills for applying and matching color must be considered, as well as choice of stock and surface treatments. In the event of such technical challenges, every effort will be made to provide exact color space data and/or modifications to the imagery. Conditions such as scene lighting, lighting source color, shadows, texture, reflectivity, transparency and special effects desired may require special considerations and/or remedies.

Typically a purchase or work order is sufficient as proof of contract and initiation of a project. The client may elect to specify contract content and issue special contract conditions where deemed necessary, subject to agreement by the illustrator before work is performed. Contract specifications may not be modified after initiation of a project. Special future use of works for portfolio presentations are considered exceptions to ownership restrictions, unless otherwise specified by the client prior to initiation of work.

The standard fee is a flat $75 per hour. Fees are based on three levels. Standard - fourteen days or less depending on project size and demand, Rush - less then fourteen days at standard plus 20% and Immediate - depending on project scheduling conditions. In such cases work would begin immediately, interrupting the current schedule at standard plus 90%. The priority of a given client will depend to some degree on volume and consistency of work. Project size and complexity may also determine priority. Special effort will be given to projects that may fit reasonably into the current schedule or be relatively small and simple for expediency, not seriously compromising scheduling. Limits to what constitutes "simple" or "expedient" my be subject to some exceptions. Frequent submission of such projects is NOT encouraged nor cost effective. Allowances for "simple" projects that are not considered cost effective may be subject to client relationships, volume and consistency of work.

Typically the billing cycle is within two weeks to thirty days after delivery of work, unless otherwise specified by the client. The terms of payment are thirty days from the invoice date. Special prepayment conditions may apply in some situations depending on client demands and relationship. Late payment penalties may apply and are specified on the invoice. Installment payments are not encouraged.